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Welcome to Multicultural Education (component)


Course Syllabus

Instructor:  Teresa Alberte Hallam, PhD

Email:  thallam@uakron.edu

Office:  Zook 12345

Office Hours:  Monday 3 pm - 5 pm


Instructional Strategies

This blended course consists of online and in-class components and will draw on the following instructional strategies:

  1. Online learning environment
  2. Socratic Method
  3. Group Project/cooperative learning
  4. Reflective Journaling
  5. Discussion



Content area:  Multicultural education: Parental/Guardian communication

Student Objectives (selected from 5100:300 course syllabus)

  1. The teacher candidate will be able to pursue a more in-depth understanding of students’ families and cultures in order to construct an interactive learning community for all students. (COE: Knowledge 2, Technology 2, Diversity 2, Ethics 3; INTASC Standards C & J)
  2. The teacher candidate will be committed to collaborating with parents & community members in supporting students’ development (revised to focus on parent/guardian communication) (COE: Knowledge 4, Diversity 2, % Ethics 2; INTASC Standard J)


Textbook Materials

Readings and other required materials are posted on the wiki.


Graded Course Components

Grading criteria and other information about the course components are on the Assignments page.  

  • Discussion Postings
  • Journal Postings
  • In Class Discussion 
  • In Class Group Work
  • Group Parent Participation Plan



  • Read articles & watch videos
  • Post to discussion list and respond to others
  • Post to Journal and respond to others  


Parent Participation Plan

Throughout this unit you will be working  with a partner to develop and write a parent participation plan.  You can find further information about the plan on the Assignments Page. 


Preparation, Attendance, and Pacing

This class meets weekly which means that a significant amount of the work for class will be occurring between classes. In between classes you should 

  • Complete the assigned readings
  • View the assigned videos
  • Post on the discussion board
  • Write your journal entry
  • Work with your group on the parent participation plan.  


Response Time and Feedback on Assignments

Whenever possible emails will be responded to within the least amount of time possible, (usually 1 to 12 hours) however expect longer response times on weekends and holidays.  Feedback on assignments is normally up to 3 days for discussion and journal postings, and up to 1 week for written assignments.


Incomplete Grades

According to the university, the grade of "incomplete" is reserved for "exceptional cases, where an unanticipated event beyond ones control interferes with a student's completion of course requirements."  


Course Grade

Grading is on a straight scale (no curve), with 90%, 80%, 70%, 60% guaranteeing A-, B-, C-, and D- respectively. Remember that attendance is required and missing class can result in a grade reduction or even a failing grade.


Academic and Class Policies


For information about the University of Akron policies regarding student ethics and conduct, please consult the following sources: 


Any student who feels she/he might need accommodation based on the impact of a disability, please consult http://www.uakron.edu/access and the Office of Accessibility at (330) 972-7928.


All assignments must be the original work of the student. Submission of work copied or plagiarized from sources such as the Internet, articles, other student work, or any other source will result in a 0 (zero) awarded for the assignment and possible further student disciplinary action. It is assumed that all work prepared for this course is an original and unique product of your experience in this course which you are now taking. If you wish to use any portion of work previously submitted for another class, that must be referenced as you would the use of any other outside sources.  APA Style ( 6th edition) is required for reports. 



Absences: It is expected that students notify the instructor either by phone or email in advance or within 24 hours after the class meeting of any absence. Students are expected to be on time and attend all classes. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class using a sign-in sheet.

Cell phones: It is expected that cell phones not be used during class, except in extreme and unavoidable circumstances.  

Lap Top Computers: The instructor reserves the right to ask students bringing lap top computers to class to shut off the computer.


Participation:  Participation will be judged by the following criteria both online and in class.

  • Asks questions, makes observations, & contributes comments to the class or online discussions on a regular basis;
  • Questions and comments reflect that the student has read relevant course materials, accessed related Internet sites, or has gathered additional resources;
  • Does not monopolize the conversation;
  • Respects the viewpoints and opinions of others in the class
  • Participates in group work and assumes various roles and responsibilities in the group


Harassment:  Harassment of any type is not allowed in class. This includes but is not limited to populations of disability, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation.

University Closing Policy:  Cancellation of classes and closure announcements will be made as early as possible in the day and will clearly state the affected campuses.    Call 330-972-SNOW or 330-972-6238 (TDD/Voice for updated information). See Zipline UA Z-Alert to sign up for text messaging alerts.  


Support Services


Computer Support Services are available at (330) 972-6888 from 10 am to 9 pm on Weekdays, and noon to 8p.m. on weekends.

Academic Support Services are available at: http://www.uakron.edu/academics_majors/undergraduate_programs/academic_support.dot 




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